Runestone Amateur Radio Club • Alexandria, Minnesota

The Runestone Amateur Radio Club (RARC) is a nonprofit Amateur Radio organization, club call sign W0ALX, dedicated to assisting the community through radio communications, and the enjoyment, appreciation, and the sharing of knowledge and advancement of Amateur Radio. The purpose of this site is to provide club news and messages from the RARC Board to club members, and to present information that might be useful to HAMs anywhere.


Next RARC meeting - Saturday / March 21st @ 10am

Glenwood State Bank, Alexandria MN

Breakfast before meeting at The Brass Lantern Restaurant @ 8am

Have a cool project, new radio or something fun the group might enjoy checking out? Come hang out between 9am - 10am!

Club Repeaters

2m W0ALX 146.790 - (PL 146.2) Alexandria - Analog/YSF

70cm W0ALX 442.025 + (PL146.2) Alexandria - Analog/YSF

2m W0ALX 147.255 + Sauk Centre - Analog Only

NOTE: We are connecting to various System Fusion net's each day of the week on the 2m repeater. Please see the REPEATERS / NETS page for more info.

Febuary Program Notes:

During the February meeting Mike Wisniewski KC0TAF had a great presentation on different uses of a Raspberry Pi computer in ham radio. Here is a link to the presentation slide show. If there is enough interest we will ask Mike if he can present it again later this year so let us know if you are interested.

Ham Clock Raspberry Pi